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The History of the district Rewari is contemporary to the history of Delhi. During MAHABHARTA period there was a king named Rewat He had a daughter whose name was Rewati. But the king used to call her Rewa lovingly. The king founded and established a city named “Rewa wadi” after the name of her daughter. Later on Rewa got married with Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna and the king donated the city “Rewa wadi”as dow ry to her daughter. Later the city Rewa wadi became REWARI.

The majority of the castes which lived in Rewari was Morya, Gupts and Gujjars. Althoug now the majority is of the Ahirs, all castes live with harmony. In the city the Punjabis and Guptas have hold on the business.

Rewari was accorded the status of a district by the Government of Haryana on November, 1, 1989. Its geographical boundaries have district Jhajjar in its north, Mahendergarh district in its west and district Gurgaon in its east & north-east directions. District Alwar of Rajasthan touches Rewari in the south-east. Prior to it, Rewari was a Sub-division and Tehsil head quarter of district Mahendergarh.

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